It all started when...

...my family took a vacation to Bermuda when I was 21.  I saw this woman selling beach glass jewelry at a street fair..and each necklace was $35!! What?! At the time that was a lot of money to spend on casual jewelry.  I immediately thought of all of the seaglass I had collected over the years on the north shore of Long Island & how I could do this myself.  I came home from that trip... immediately went to NYC's Diamond district and bought a drill press.

My jewelry career has been on and off at best.  I’ve had a successful 18 year career in digital and mobile media.  I recently left my job as CRO at a mobile start-up company based in San Francisco.  I felt unfulfilled despite a healthy paycheck & decided to take back my time and energy. I’m working my way back to jewelry little by little & also exploring facets of career/life coaching, writing, and anything that makes me curious.



There is something so special about the jewelry you wear, that touches your skin day after day, can transport you to a time or place and is passed down generation to generation. 

When you wear jewelry, you wear your memories. I try to buy a piece of jewelry in every city or country that I visit.  I have a gold casted jasmine bracelet from Greece... turquoise statement necklace from Arizona, Ni‘ihau shell earrings from Hawaii, etc. 

The beautiful thing about jewelry creation is seeing the finished product...and knowing the steps that it took you to get there.  My best work has come from mistakes... awful mistakes that include burning metal almost to the point of ruin.  

I love the feel of creating something with my two hands.  I also love photography, mostly of people's true emotions or far away landscapes which take your breath away.  

This blog is about discovering beauty + my finding my way back to a creative life.