Days 31-122

by Alison Rayfield

Clearly I’m not the best with sticking to a routine. My intention was to write daily. Don’t get me wrong, I do write daily, but that’s a journal and more of a meditative practice. If you haven't heard of Morning Pages… look it up… it will enhance your life.

The past 4 months have been so freeing and I truly recommend everyone taking a break if they can afford it. There is something so lovely about a slow morning, a cup of tea, a morning walk, all having the day ahead of you with little plans.

My four month (and going…) sabbatical has consisted of yoga, meditation, cooking, traveling to NY to see my dad/sister and friends, beach, mini vacations, exploring my new city of Boston, spending time with my nieces, taking a jewelry class, etc.

Seeee… I’m kinda bored right now and this is why I don't write daily. Who would ever want to read this?! But I’m going to try and battle through and see what spawns from it. You never know, right?

Day 30

by Alison Rayfield

Day 30 of leaving my job. I meant to write about Days #1-29 but life seemed to get away from me. This is a start. 

I was CRO at a mobile advertising start up. A personal move took me to Boston and it didn’t make sense to stay. I left with no job and no plan.

This is my story of figuring it all out. 


Hello 2016

by Alison Rayfield

A new year, a new website!  I have taken a break with my jewelry for roughly 3 years now and I'm tinkering with it again.  Hoping to get some of my creative juices flowing this year.  For pleasure, more than business... so I can ease into it and hone my craft. 

A reset button of sorts. Happy 2016!